Monday, April 20, 2009

Chemo 5 and I'm Alive!

This Friday I had my 5th chemo and a visit from my pal, Michelle. Aunt Deb and Jen were there as usual, but she just adds a little sizzle to the day! My peeps were worried they were going to get thrown out of the chemo lounge, but I think the nurses appreciate that having a good time while you're there is instrumental in getting through the day. Thanks, Michelle! Also, thanks for the fun new wigs - since they are black and dark brown, they are more alter ego than everyday, but I look forward to creating a great look for each one! That was really nice of you your mom-in-law to give them up, especially since they are brand new and human hair!

Great news on the family front - Aunt Deb is gonna be a great grandma! That means cousin Mike is going to be a grandpa - wow, what an old guy! Congratulations to Drew and Justine!

Counting the weeks until chemo 6 and my summer can begin!

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