Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Putting the Girls out there!

Implant surgery went just fine. I was able to go home the same day and was back at work Monday morning. Got my stitches out yesterday and will see the plastic surgeon in a month for a follow-up and to discuss the nipple issue. Mike really wants me to have one - I still think a Seahawk logo would be cool!

Anyway, I no longer have Barbie boob and saggy boob - yay! They are fairly even, but Lefty is a little bigger and Righty is a little higher. Oh well, I'm not posing for Playboy, I just want to wear v-necks again. I think they look fairly natural, definitely not stripper boobs. Now, on to the ultimate test - low cut tops! I'll be busting those out (pun intended!) in Vegas in a couple of months.

Hope you are all well!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

upcoming fun!

wow, it's been forever since I posted on this blog. I have just been l-i-v-i-n
livin! When I was last on here, I had just gotten the expander. Since then I have finished herceptin. No infusions since January, woo hoo. Supposedly, once herceptin is done my hair is supposed to grow a bit faster. It's certainly poofy. I am in the inbetween stage of deciding whether to grow it or chop it all off again. I was kinda liking it super short - so easy to take care of. Mike, of course, would like it to be long again. We'll compromise and go for chin length, maybe:)

Anyway, next Friday, April 16th, is my implant surgery - yay for new boobies! My pre-op appt was Monday and here's the scoop:

It was pretty much the same as my expander pre-op. No ibuprofen, vitamin E, or Omega 3s 2 weeks before surgery. No eating after midnight. No lifting heavy items for 2 weeks after surgery; bed rest for 48 hours after. Sponge baths only the week after - blech! However, I will be going home the same day and I can lift my arms above my head - yay! She's gonna take my port out during surgery, which is nice. She can't guarantee me absolute symmetry and she hopes I'll be okay if my boobs are higher and bigger than they were before - ha ha ha! I assured her I am perfectly okay with perky ones!

Hope all is well with you, dear readers!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Barbie boob!

Hey All,

I had the expander surgery almost two weeks ago. It went just fine. I stayed overnight which was a good thing since I got really nauseous and a nurse got to clean me up when I tossed my cookies instead of Mike! Anyway, the first week was annoying because I could only do sponge baths and couldn't drive. I got my sutures out this week, can shower (yay!) and drive, so that's something. The expander is not painful anymore, but it does feel like I have an orange taped to my body. It really does look like I have a Barbie Doll boob on one side too. It's very perky and smooth. Poor Lefty, she's looking a bit droopy in comparison. Thank goodness for underwire bras, at least I look symmetrical in clothes. I get my first fill next week, which means they'll add more saline to my expander. I will be getting two or three of these and then in 3 months or so, I'll be ready for my implant. That's the skinny for now. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 13, 2009


I am off for surgery today to get my tissue expander. wish me luck! I'll write again as soon as I am able - probably in a week.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


You all know I hated the last MRI I had, so I got a prescription for sedatives for the one I had on the 16th. Mmmm, sedatives! They sure did the trick. I slept through the whole thing. However, I probably should have taken one tablet instead of two, since I was a drugged up mess afterwards. My aunt and sister had to help me get dressed and walk to the car. Aunt Deb said I was making strange faces while I was eating my orange in the back seat, but I don't remember eating an orange! Also don't remember talking to my brother-in-law on the phone later that day. Luckily, my co-worker, Jamie, picked up Connor from daycare for me, but the poor kid had to sit on the bed and watch movies with me, because I was too tired to move much! Lesson learned - one pill should be enough!

The results came in last Friday and they didn't find anything. Yay me!

Monday, October 12, 2009


It's been one year since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Wow, time just flew by. I just had my yearly mammogram and got the letter saying they couldn't detect any cancer in lefty - yay! I still have to have a breast MRI this coming Friday (bring on the sedatives!), reconstruction, and herceptin until January, but it's beginning to feel like this chapter is closing and I couldn't be happier.

I must say I don't find the "October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month" as annoying as I did last year. I still think selling pink scrub brushes, frying pans, etc. is strange, but I can appreciate the sentiment behind it and if it pays for research that can prolong someone's life, then bring on the pink waffle irons, spatulas, and ribbons. Just don't buy one for me:)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

new hairdo

Told ya I wasn't gonna keep the salt and pepper! It's bright yellow, but I'll have to give my head a rest before I lighten it more. In a couple weeks I should have the shade I am looking for - fingers crossed. Meanwhile, I am having fun with the new color and I feel 10 years younger!