Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chemo #4 - The end is in sight!

Had chemo #4 on Friday, the 27th and I am so excited that there are only 2 more to go! Today, I have decided to focus on positive things and not talk about my side effects, or how poopy this week is. It will pass and that's that.

A friend of mine who has gone through the chemo thing already, Tracy, came to visit while I was there. It was really nice to see you, Tracy - you look great and you make me realize that this is just a temporary situation - I will get my hair back and I will feel really good soon!

I also had my loyal chemo peeps, Aunt Deb and Jen - you guys are the wind beneath my wings! I can always count on Auntie to have baby oranges for me to eat and my darling sis for warm blanket retrieval. I am so grateful to have you guys there - you take my mind off infusions and put it where it should be - Vegas, baby! I am so looking forward to all the good things that will happen once this chemo is done. Fleetwood Mac in May; camping at Lincoln Rock in June, Gram's 80th birthday party and Vegas in July, Seahawks games in Sept, Halloween in October (already thinking about Connor's costume!) and Elton John and Billy Joel in Nov. - this is what keeps me going. It's not about how quickly my hair grows in or whether I'll have a great new boob this year, it's just about how much fun I'm going to have when I don't have to be poisoned every three weeks. I am counting the days!

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Tracy said...

Yippee! You are almost there. I was happy to come and see you. It helped me a lot to see someone who was on the "other side" so to speak. You'll make it and do great.