Monday, May 18, 2009

Done with Chemo - Yahoo!

I finished chemo on Friday the 8th and I feel pretty good going into my second week. I still have to have herceptin every three weeks until January, but that's a piece of cake compared to chemo. I have decided to just enjoy the summer and not worry about getting a new boob until fall. Who wants to be in pain when the weather is nice and there's so much fun stuff going on? My hair should start growing back soon, but be prepared to see "GI Jane" all summer because these wigs I am wearing are getting too hot. I really need to invest in a few straw hats. Anyway, I will post pics and keep you all updated when I get testing done to see if the cancer is gone.

Also, I want to say congratulations to my cousin Lesa, who had a baby girl on May 11th - Mommy and Bristol are both doing well.

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Tracy said...

Yay!!! I have loads of hats....let me know if you want to borrow some. Soon you will look like a little duckling!