Saturday, January 10, 2009

No boob for you!

Well, Righty 2.0 is being pushed back until after chemo is done. After talking to the plastic surgeon on Monday the 5th and then the oncologist on the 9th, it's the best decision. There's just too much risk if I get an infection while my immune system is lowered. I am truly okay with this, foam booby seems to work just fine. I haven't heard any whispering behind my back, so I must be looking fairly symmetrical:)

By the way, Edie and I have decided to invent a boob "purse" - basically, it will be a neoprene-fiberfill form with a hollow middle for holding dollars, keys, what have you - might as well make the boobless side work for me, right? See what drinking at Bleachers will inspire one to do!

My first chemo starts on January 22nd and I will have to go every 3 weeks for 6 rounds and also have herceptin infusions every 3 weeks for a year. I liked my oncologist a lot, so I've decided to get the chemo at Swedish on Capitol Hill, since she doesn't travel to Ballard. I may change to the Ballard site when I'm just doing herceptin and I can get blood draws in Ballard too. So, my last chemo will be at the end of May. Yay, just in time to go camping! If all goes well, I'll get my expander put in in June and then have the implant done in August or September. I may be putting the goods in the window at Halloween!

And yes, for all who are wondering, I will be losing my hair. Dr. Rinn says it will fall out 14-21 days after my first round of chemo. I'm planning on getting my hair cut really short before then and then buzzing it when it starts to come out. I will be wig shopping too, so those of you who love costume shopping can come with me and help me pick out something groovy.

Next week is gonna be fun, bone scans, heart scans, blood tests and port placement, oh my!
Can't wait to get out with my peeps next Saturday for a little fun before the real work starts!

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Anonymous said...

You are one busy woman! But wig shopping might be fun-oh the possibilities! I hope that the chemo is tough on cancer but easy on you! You are in our thoughts and prayers. XOXO