Thursday, January 22, 2009

CHEMO - Round One

Hi All,

Got back from chemo around quarter to 4. My aunt Deb, sister Jen, and I got there at a 8am, so it was quite a long day. I had lots and lots of drugs administered, some of which took 90 minutes a piece. Next time it won't take so long. The Benadryl they put in the IV is lovely and I was able to nap quite a bit. I have every type of anti-nausea medication they could give me, so I'm hoping that will be one thing I don't get. I feel pretty good right now! I'm on steroids, so they make me a little hyper. I got 4 hours of sleep last night because of them, but I have a sleeping pill to take tonight - woo hoo!

The results of the CT Scan, Muga, and Bone Scans were all good. No problems with my liver, so bring on the Bud Light! Dr. Rinn was quite pleased with the lack of any cysts or irregularities as that is pretty rare - so yay me!

They changed my herceptin schedule, so I will be doing that every week instead of every three, but after the next two, I can switch over to Ballard and get this when I do my blood draws. I am so lucky I have such a great workplace where everyone is so supportive of all this time I take off.
Is it no wonder that I love my job?

Anyway, off to give Connor a bath. Night, Night, All!

p.s. I thought of a new nickname for me last Saturday - "Half Rack" or "Lefty Half Rack" - kind of sounds like a country western singer, right?

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Tracy said...

Glad it went well. One down! You can do it. Call if I can help.