Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Path to Recovery!

Went to the breast center yesterday to get my drain out - yay! No more carting the bulb around, looking like I've shoplifted something and put it under my sweater.

My surgeon is out of town, so I met with an RN to get the pathology results from the mastectomy. My tumor was 1.6cm with an 8mm satellite tumor. The margins are clean, so no cancer in the chest wall, thank you! No cancer in the nodes, which we already knew. Then she tells me that I'm triple negative and that's not good. Triple negative means that you don't respond to hormone blockers or herceptin and it's more aggressive. "Huh?" I say to her, "before I was Her2neu positive." I didn't really question it because she's reading the report, not me. I'm just happy to have the drain out and get the okay to go back to driving, working, etc. - I can even wear a bra! So, I get home and I'm getting ready to go to work when she calls me back and tells me she read the report wrong and I am Her2neu positive - yay! She also forgot to give me a copy of my pathology report, so now it's in the mail. I will not name her, but she seemed a little scattered. I know they are really busy, but jeez! Oh well, at least it was good news.

Next stop - Plastic Surgeon on the 5th!

Also, to all of you who have called, emailed, sent flowers, books, ipods, cards, dropped off food, and generally been there for me these last couple of weeks after surgery - THANK YOU!! I am overwhelmed by the generosity I've been shown. You are the wind beneath my wings!


Tracy said...

Yay for clean margins and empty lymph nodes!

Glad to hear you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it went well, we have been keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Love you guys, Happy New Year!

cyd_tolleson said...

Sorry you had such a ditzy nurse, but at least the news was wonderful when she called back!