Monday, October 27, 2008

MRI, What MRI?


Well, I thought I was gonna have my MRI today after the consultation with the breast surgeon, but nooo, that was just a miscommunication. I am having the MRI this Wednesday. Oh well.

The breast surgeon was very nice. She called me young lady, which I thought was funny since we're about the same age. Anyway, Aunt Deb, Jen, and Mike got to be in the room with me, so at least one of us can remember some of the gobbleygook that was thrown out there. So here's the skinny so far:

My tumor is between 1 and 2cm . I have another small 5mm lump that may or may not be cancer, but the MRI will show that I guess. No cancer was seen in my lymph nodes, but they need to be investigated further. This will happen when I have the lumpectomy or mastectomy. I am hormone receptor negative, so won't be taking hormone blocking therapy, so I will have some sort of chemotherapy no matter what surgical course I take. Right now, without MRI, she is giving me a Stage of 1 - yay, me!

So, next step is an MRI on the 29th, a consultation with a plastic surgeon on the 30th, genetic testing (not sure when, they're supposed to call me), and then back to see my cancer surgeon on Nov. 10th.

Thanks for all the emails and phone calls, you guys! I feel really loved. Thanks Jen, for taking such good notes. I'm using them right now to do this.

So, Righty, the Bad Booby, is somewhat back in my good graces, but if she's gives me anymore trouble, it's curtains!

Will post again on the 29th.

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