Monday, November 10, 2008


Hi All,

Decisions have been made. And a surgery date is imminent - aargh, once again have to wait another day to get the exact date. Do these people not know that the all-important Holiday party season is almost upon us? I must know when to plan my functions after all!

First off, went for a visit with Bob Resta, genetic counselor and a heck of a guy! Genetic testing for the two breast cancer genes is recommended due to my young age (don't laugh!) and the lack of medical history from my late father's side of the family. If it comes back negative, peachy keen! If either gene comes back positive, I will have a dramatically increased chance of another breast cancer and ovarian cancer, plus my sister and aunts would have to be tested. Because of the risk, I have the choice of mastectomy on the other side or one mammogram and one MRI every year. I would also have to have a hysterectomy, which is fine as I was not planning on using my ovaries again anyway. I should find out in about 3 weeks whether I'm giving up more body parts.

After getting everybody lost going 4 blocks to a different Swedish Medical center, I met with Dr. Christine Lee, breast surgeon and heck of gal! The tumor has tendrils that make it 3 cm, not 2, but the absolutely great and fantastic news is that there is no evidence of cancer anywhere else in my body, so yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

As for Righty, well kids, her days are numbered. I tried to work it out with her, but she's just too toxic. Gotta cut her out of my life. I've been prepared for this, but it will be a little sad for me to lose one of my "perfect" boobs. Dr. Lee wants me to wait to have my reconstruction to see if there's cancer in my chest wall, so I'll be a little lopsided for a couple months. Heidi and I were discussing finding some t-shirts with slogans on the right side, maybe "Under Construction" or "Men at Work" or "Coming Groundhog Day 2009" - any suggestions?

By the way, were you all clapping like loons at 4pm? Thanks!! I'm still "technically" stage 1 until after surgery.

Ta Ta for now (seriously!)


Jen said...

Hey Shana!

I am glad that things are coming along for you. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I really appreciate the opportunity to hear about it. You have a great outlook and candor.

We will continue to pray for you!

All our love...

Jen (Steve & Joey)

Tracy said...

Yay for no other cancer!! This is huge. I'm glad you are happy with the surgeon and genetics counselor. I will be seeing him as well. Yay for Stage I!