Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hey, everybody! Let's limbo!

So, now I have the surgery scheduled. The genetic testing is underway. My surgery follow-up is scheduled for Dec. 29th and January 9th is when I meet my oncologist (yay! I got Dr. Rinn) for the first time. Now what? Let's spend the time between now and my surgery on the 16th making up colorful nicknames for me ( I like "Lefty". Thanks, Larry at Pioneer) while I'm in my uni-boob state. I am also still looking for a good t-shirt. Found one on Cafe Press that says "I'm making cancer my bitch". Think my surgeon will let me wear that to the mastectomy? I also like one that says "yes, they're fake. the real ones tried to kill me" . Anything that will give me a laugh is good. Oh yeah, I guess I could also spend this down time Christmas shopping!

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