Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chemo #2 and Shana's hair adventures

I had my second chemo on the 13th of February and it's been going the same as the first. The 4th day has turned out to be the yucky one and the dizziness seems to be still with me today on Day 7, but it's getting better. I tried a Diet Coke this morning and it still tastes a little off, so hopefully tomorrow or the next my tastebuds will be back on line. As you can all see, I shaved my head as the shedding was driving me completely nuts. I find it hilarious that Mike and I share the same hairstyle. Of course, at work I've been parading a variety of looks around the office. My alter-egos so far: Biker Babs (Do-rag, no wig), Shar (reddish wig- don't know why that name, but it seems to fit for this look), Posh (Mike's favorite, the short, sassy blonde wig), Penelope Pitstop (the black hat and blonde wig together or just black hat. It was Daphne, but I like Penelope better.) I was calling my long blonde hair and pink hat concoction Hannah Montana, but the guys at work call me Georgy, as they don't really relate to the pre-teen stuff and it looks kinda mod 60's. I am sure as I try out different combos, I'll have more names. Everyone knows I love dressing up, so this has been a hoot for me so far. Now, if I could get my beer drinkin' persona back, I'd be in hog heaven.